The Red House Nursery

Role Play

Activity for children 2-5 years old.

Equipment needed: chair, empty shampoo and conditioner bottles, towels, brushes, mirror hairdryer, paper, pens and telephone.

Create a role play area as hairdressers, book appointments and write them into a book taking turns, then wash each others hair and style. Talk about different colours cuts etc.

This activity will help children use language as a powerful means of widening contacts, sharing feeling, experiences and thoughts.

Know information can be relayed in the form of print.

Examine the marks they make and make.

Taking turns with you being the customer and hairdresser with you child is exactly what they do with their friends at the Red House. You won’t be able to help smiling when they tell you you’re doing it wrong!

All of this is helping with communication, language and literacy.

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