The Red House Nursery

Care Stages

Our Nursery

Office staff- Sarah-manager and Sam- director

Baby room- Nursery staff- Georgia and Zena. 

In our baby room we aim to give parents the confidence to leave their most amazing little person in our care where we learn, discover and make memories together. The baby room  is set up in a way which gives parents and children the home from home experience. The room is set up into our continuous provisions this will include our lovely black and white area, seasons interactive resource and sensory play experiences which are regularly rotated to keep your child stimulated.

We have created sensory and heuristic treasure baskets which contain natural products for your child to enjoy and to support their investigation and exploration skills.

Our babies will have their own daily diary which gives you an idea of what your child has been doing in the day, how their care needs have been met and what things they have enjoyed at nursery.

 Tweenies Room-  Francesca and Jessica

In our tweenies room we encourage our children to become more independent while still enjoying the comforts and security of being an older babies room, children are given the opportunities  to develop their social, emotional skills through being encouraged to play alongside our peers with tea parties, exploring our physical skills on the soft play equipment and continuing using sensory play experiences with different materials such as playdough, jelly bath and many more- your child will never come home clean but will of created many memories with their peers and teachers.

The tweenies get to enjoy early learning through our song and rhymes of the week and we have introduced book of the week which we share with our parents to include them in their child’s learning.



Our toddler room- Sara, Asya, Anita and Sarah

Our toddler room is a spacious room which gives our toddlers the opportunity to learn, explore and build their curiosity and imagination in many ways. 

The children have access to a creative area where they can produce beautiful art work, be busy builders in the construction area with natural and other materials such as soft floor bricks. The children can be a zoo animal keeper with our animals and also a farmer like at our local farm which many of our families have been to and we can bring this into life as part of our in the moment planning. 

The children love to be creative and make the most beautiful pictures for our families to take home and creative displays to show off our lovely artwork. 

Our children have been introduced to number and shape of the week and continuing from the tweenies room song and story of the week. 

Preschool room- Meghan, Jodie and Lauren.  

As we prepare our children for their journey into becoming school ready we have a more structured feel to our preschool room ensuring our children are given opportunities  in all areas of learning.

This is through promoting independence through putting our belongings away in the morning to creating our own snacks through our self serve station and helping our teachers serve our meals at lunch time.

The children get to explore the brush bus and get to meet flo the flu fairy who keeps us safe.

we follow in the moment planning in the preschool room and we focus on the crucial elements of ourselves such as road safety, nature walks where we have recently gone river walking and had a bear hunt at the same time. As we follow mini minds we always ensure our children know its ok to be different, we follow cultural capital as our manager follows all our festivals etc to give our children the opportunities to learn and discover about the world around us.

We follow routine boards i.e. our now and next board which is also a huge part of the nursery inclusive practise and we give our children a taste of a real classroom through our self registration and weather boards.

We follow the phyzi phonics scheme and mathematics in a fun and exciting format where we discover and learn through structured and unstructured learning.

The children are given book of the week, song of the week and shape, colour and letter of the week to work on together and also with our parents.


Level three room support- Zoe

Our nursery is a fun, nurturing and stimulating environment where our children come first- Red House nursery 2023.