The Red House Nursery

Cutting out and Sticking

Activity for children 2-5 years old.

Equipment needed: magazines, papers, card, scissors and glue.

Use magazines, papers to cut out pictures and writing to create a collage picture. Glue your cut outs onto the card. Talk about shape and size during this activity. It really is amazing to see the pride children take when creating their collages. If another member of staff passes a room and asks what they are doing we often see a whole table of individuals wanting to show off their work. Friends talk to each other about what they are making and it is fun to see them copying each other for example if one of them makes a triangle they all want to!

This activity will help develop their skills by using one – handed tools and equipment, helps with physical development and creativity.

Understand that tools have to be used safely.

Practise and develop what they can do.

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