The Red House Nursery

Activity course

Activity for children aged 2 and over.

Equipment needed: chalk, ball, empty box and a small bin.

Using chalk you can create an activity course. Parents have told us when they try this at home their child often wants to draw the course themselves having a sense of responsibility and happy in demonstrating that they have done this before at nursery.

Cut out an empty box for crawling through.

Draw feet on the floor and encourage children to draw them to, as you draw them count along the way. Draw goals to kick the ball through then throw the ball up and see how many times you can catch it without dropping it. Crawl through the box using it as a tunnel then throw the ball into the bin to complete the course. You can repeat this activity and time it to improve your child’s speed. When we play this at the Red House, although it doesn’t really get competitive it is a real pleasure watching the children encourage each other and taking pleasure from everyone’s success and usually laughter when our carers fail.

This activity will help to develop self confidence and feel proud of their achievements.

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