The Red House Nursery

Water play

Activity for children 2 years and over.

Equipment needed: large bowl, washing up liquid, plastic toys, jugs, sponges, dolls, and cutlery.

Fill the bowl with water and let your child see you add the washing up liquid to see the change and the bubbles appear. Add different objects and use as role play your child can pretend to wash up, pretend to bath the doll, or just play. The children often play together in this activity talking to each other and helping each other. We have to admit the bubbles is their favourite part and we’ve seen them make beards, bubble hats and snow when we’ve observed. We’re sure you’ll see some of this at home.

This activity will help your child take pleasure in learning new skills, talk freely about their home and community and talk activities through reflecting on and modifying what they are doing.

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