The Red House Nursery

Our Baby Rooms

Image of the Baby Room

Our Baby Rooms

We have 2 rooms dedicated to babies (children aged 0-2)

The rooms are split with varied activities throughout the day and we ensure all of the children are involved in activities in both rooms throughout the morning and afternoon sessions. We also ensure the younger children are engaged in outdoor activities with and our carers ensure coats, woollen hats and gloves are worn in winter and sun cream applied and sun hats worn in summer.

Some of the activities we get up to in the baby room are:

  • Nappy art
  • Singing Nursery Rhymes (carers singing to children)
  • Hand and Feet Painting
  • Painting
  • Ball Pool
  • Stand up Activity Centres
  • General Messy Play
  • Noisy activities with musical instruments, and musical toys

Photos of the children’s routines and activities are displayed throughout the baby rooms as well as being included in each child’s individual development folder, which is regularly reviewed by parents. The Red House carers talk with parents to explain how the photos and notes in the development folders link with the foundation stage curriculum.

Children’s work is also continually displayed and updated on the walls and parents often see painted footprints and handprints of their baby on the wall. All photo’s and work is eventually taken home. Some parents have told us they’ve made a start at a scrap book ready to bring out again when their child reaches 18!

Although we have dedicated rooms and sessions for babies we also provide opportunities for them to mix with some of the toddlers. The babies are encouraged to observe and copy the positive behaviour of the toddler group. We also find this gradual involvement makes them ready to move up to the older groups when they are ready.

We see children learning to stand, crawl and eventually walk in the baby room and we ensure the parents are the first to know as each giant step forward in their child’s eye has been reached.

In the baby rooms we see children starting to communicate with each other (clearly in their own language) however parents are often convinced their child is in a full blown conversation with their friends when they see them “gabbering” away to each other.

Our carers encourage speech and we often see children referring to mama and dada at home time. We also see children thanking each other with a simple “tar” as toys are passed between children and some even make attempts at their carer’s and friends names. We never see our role as taking over a parent and our carers are always happy to take instructions or suggestions from parents, to continue with the development of something a parent may have observed at home.

Some of the comments we’ve recorded from parents talking to their child at pick up time include”

“Wow, I bet that was nice and messy”
“Have you been having fun with your friends?”
“Have you drawn me a nice picture?”
“I can tell you’ve had fun today, look at the state of you!”
“I can’t believe that’s you in that picture on the wall”
“I bet you loved that, he loves anything messy”
“Can I have a look at what you’ve been doing?”
“Whose are those little handprints on the wall?”

and of course…

“Have you missed me?”

…and we’re in no doubt that although we truly believe all the children fully enjoy themselves at The Red House they’re always pleased to see mummy and daddy at home time.