The Red House Nursery


At The Red House Nursery we ensure your child’s day is varied and enjoyable. To help keep parents involved in understanding their child’s routine and activities at The Red House we try to communicate with you as a parent around how you can take some of our activities and try them at home.

The feedback from parents is that it is often the child who becomes teacher at home as they enjoy showing off the things they have done with other children at the Red House, being proud of what they have learned.

We encourage parents to tell us if their child has done something new or interesting and equally if they have any worries or concerns.

These are some of the examples of things you can try at home with your child taking pleasure from the fact that they are developing and happy in their time with us at the Red House.


A simple example

A very simple, but endearing way of keeping children connected with their homely routine is by asking children to draw a picture of something they have been involved in the evening before nursery or over a weekend.

As an example a weekend trip to the zoo might prompt mummy to ask if their child would draw them a picture of an elephant at nursery the following day.  Initially a prompt for the Red House carers is usually needed the following morning so the child can be reminded later in the day.

With the activity and request of a picture changing each week our carers are never left surprised when a child asks to draw a picture of a train for mummy without being prompted. They’ve remembered from the night before! Mummies and Daddies are full of smiles at home time, when their child presents them with the picture they’ve asked for.

This routine is a delightful way of encouraging development of your child’s understanding, long-term memory, and equally leaves you knowing your child is thinking of you while you’re at work!

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